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While profit margins remain quite thin or even non-existent for many commodities, alfalfa still commands a position of profitability in the agriculture production sector. In a season of belt tightening, cost reduction, and careful crop planning it will be important to look at alfalfa production and its ability to contribute even higher margins to overcome potential non-existent profit margins from other crops. Using the HarvXtra Alfalfa technology found in WL 301HVX.RR can help make alfalfa production even more profitable in today’s economy.

1. Consider this fact: Significant testing shows that HarvXtra Alfalfa has the ability to consistently produce 12-15% higher quality alfalfa when compared to conventional alfalfa of similar maturity grown under the same management conditions. At $0.75 per RFQ point that adds $18.75 per ton to the value of HarvXtra Alfalfa produced, or $112.50 per acre on 6-ton yield of HarvXtra Alfalfa over conventional production. Planted at 20 pounds of seed per acre, that’s a 173% return on the technology cost just in the first year alone.

2. Consider this fact: HarvXtra Alfalfa can be used to reduce harvest cost with extended harvest intervals of up to 7-10 days longer than conventional harvest schedules while increasing yield and maintaining quality similar to what is achieved with normal alfalfa production from conventional varieties.

a. University testing across the United States consistently shows that alfalfa managed with longer intervals between harvest will yield 15-25% more tons per acre after year 1. For a normal 6 ton yield that means a potential increase of up to 1.5 tons per acre. That’s over $100 per acre margin improvement, even at today’s grinder hay prices.

b. With the use of extended harvest intervals using HarvXtra Alfalfa, the number of harvests will be reduced by at least 1. Using a cost of $35 per acre for each harvest cost, that would more than pay for the cost of the technology in just the first year. In addition, there would be less wear and tear on equipment, less field compaction, a larger window for optimum harvest, and a healthier stand lending itself to longer persistence.

HarvXtra Alfalfa WL301HVX.RR – Making Alfalfa even more profitable in today’s economy!

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