a. When compared to conventional varieties of similar maturity, W-L Alfalfa Roundup Ready® varieties will yield with and often outyield conventional varieties as proven by growers like you.

  1.  W-L HarvXtra® alfalfa is a superior alfalfa concerning both yield and quality. FACT!
    a. When managed as a traditional 28-day cutting schedule alfalfa forage crop, WL 341HVX.RR will potentially produce an RFQ up to 25% higher than a competitive conventional variety of the same dormancy, managed in a similar way.
    b. With the extended harvest aspect of WL 341HVX.RR, moving to a 35-day cutting schedule will provide the potential of up to a 30% increase in tonnage while maintaining a RFQ similar to conventional varieties of the same dormancy harvested on a 28-day schedule.
  2. I can buy the same W-L alfalfa varieties and genetics from other companies. FALLACY!
    a. W-L Alfalfa varieties are elite proprietary genetics that are available only through the W-L Brand. The same genetic package cannot be purchased anywhere else. W-L Alfalfas selects alfalfa varieties from the world’s best genetic and technology alfalfa program to provide industry-leading products to alfalfa forage producers such as yourself.
  3. I do not need to use coated seed. FALLACY!
    a. At W-L, we provide an industry-leading seed treatment applied to every seed in a W-L bag. This exclusive seed treatment is called “W-L GOLD TREATMENT® PLUS”, and provides Stamina® fungicide, LCO Promoter Technology™, Nitragin® Gold pre-inoculant, a micronutrient package containing Mo/Mn to help ensure early nodulation, and also Apron XL® fungicide.
    b. W-L also offers an OMRI certified coating for organic seed requirements offering OMRI approved Nitragin® Gold inoculant with 34% Apex Green® coating.
    c. The 34% coating process allows a significant application of seed treatment to each seed. The exclusive W-L Gold Treatment® Plus and the OMRI approved coating process provide for a significantly higher percentage of live plants at seedling establishment.
  4. Planting W-L Alfalfa varieties is my best choice for my farm. FACT!